Happy Mother’s Day!!

It makes my heart sing every time I hear Emme say, “Mom-mom”.  It’s so sweet, even when it’s “MOM-MOM-MOM-MOM” when she wants out of the crib after her nap. This weekend has been almost  as surreal as the week we had her and brought her home. Just pleasant and wonderful, even when Robbie gave her sips of Pepsi and she was out and out crazy for hours!  Saturday, she wanted to be held a lot. She came to me in the recliner and I picked her up. I was secretly trying to get her to nap.  My hair was in a pony tail, but she put her hand on my neck like she wanted to twirl my hair. I obliged and let her play, when she took my hair and brushed the ends over my nose to tickle me!  She is so darn funny and smart because that is what I normally do to her! She giggled and giggled!!  She touched my face.   I cried (of course).  Oh, how I love this beautiful child who has made me a “Mama”.

Today (Sunday), I had a good night’s sleep, Emme was pleasant this morning. We went to a Mother’s Breakfast at church and sat with Em’s great-grandmother Ruth and her great-aunt Cathy.  The church service was very nice. These 2 girls sang a sweet song for special music called “The Best Day” and I cried like a baby. (Of course, now I realize this is a Taylor Swift song and I hope I don’t bust out every time I hear it in the car!)  Robbie leaned over with his arm around me and just asked, “You miss your Mama this morning?” and I cried and shook my head yes, but it was really more than that. It was the hope that I would get to do the things with my own baby that these girls were singing about, the things I have already done with my own Mama.

After church, Robbie cooked lunch for all of us… me, Em, his mom and dad and all his grandparents. It was so nice to have all of them here and to have Em surrounded by so much love and attention.  She missed her main nap time and ate a ton of chocolate cake, but it was worth it!  When Em got up from nap (way early), Daddy watched her while I continued to snooze on the couch off and on.  When I woke up, I saw her, sitting UNDER her highchair, just playing and she was so cute!  I look forward to every day to come with this family of mine.

Hope your Mother’s Day has been as blessed as mine!! Here are some pictures to catch you up on little Ms. Em.

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