“Here I am! Rock me like a hurricane!”

Do you have ANY idea how many times I heard my husband sing this one line from that song on Saturday?? I stopped counting at some point. I’m surprised Em didn’t start saying it!  We did get rocked, quite a bit actually by some significant winds in the 50-60 mph range. We saw LOTS and LOTS of rain. I still don’t know the rainfall total but it pretty much rained non-stop from 4pm Friday until at least 10pm Saturday (I went to sleep after that and it had stopped by this morning).  We had a good 12 stuffy hours of no power. I grew up in the mountains. Not having power is common, especially during winter storms.  But the summer has something the winter doesn’t… heat!  The wind was so rough, if we opened a window, an entire room got wet, so we had to keep them closed. I walked out on our little porch several times just to feel like I wasn’t “smothering”.

Needless to say, as soon as the sun was up good this morning, I was begging Robbie to get me out of the house.  We took an adventure around downed trees to his parents where we had an unexpected but absolutely wonderful waffle and bacon breakfast! (That’s what you get when you wake up Grandma and Grandpa at 7:30 and let them know you have the grandchild with you in the driveway!)  Em has been really sweet for the most part the last couple of days. Today she got to playing a little rough/silly and had several bumps and bruises, but she’ll make it!

As I typed the title to this blog, I noticed the first line of that song was “Here I am!”  It makes me think of 2 things… Samuel (I think) in the old testament. When he was first getting the Lord’s call on his life. He heard God calling to his name and he said, “Here I am!”… The second thing is a song based on some verses in Isaiah, “Here I am, Lord send me. Here I am, Lord I’ll go.”  In looking at all the storm damage in person today, on the news and knowing there is a lot of damage in the Black Jack community, I really would have liked to have gone down there and helped personally.  That’s a challenge I’m feeling a lot lately. How do I serve God (physically) while still being faithful to my family?  I can’t exactly leave my 18 month old on top of Robbie all day to do physical labor. I shouldn’t go do that type of physical labor being pregnant and all.  I wouldn’t feel right asking Robbie to go do it all without me if he wasn’t called to do it.  It sometimes feels helpless to say, “All I can do is pray.” But at the same time, sometimes that’s the greatest thing we can do.  I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Here are some videos of our booger today:

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