Life has been crazy lately. Crazy enough I haven’t even taken the time to blog and crazy enough to scatter my thoughts so I couldn’t think of what to blog about!  To catch everyone up, Emily is growing LIKE A WEED! She is more like a toddler and less like “my baby” every day.  It’s only 102 degrees around these parts, which don’t bode well on a pregnant woman, not even a half-way there pregnant woman. For all you moms who carried babies at term in the dead of summer, I could almost bow at your feet, especially if you were working a full time job at the same time.  My morning sickness has finally abated!! :) And, we’re having another baby girl!! Woo hoo!  Emme will have a sweet baby sister!! Whose name shall not be named until she gets here…. and when we figure it out :) . We’re still working on that.

On another note, my father-in-law has had some not so good news lately.  He has been diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. It’s a chronic illness that can be quite debilitating at times with chronic fluid build-up called ascites, varicose veins in your stomach and esophagus that can bleed, and of course, just liver failure and all that entails. Fortunately, his biggest issue so far has been fluid collecting and the discomfort that causes, then having to have it frequently drawn off.  Imagine going to the hospital to draw off 12 liters (6 2-liter pepsi) or 24 lbs at a time, every couple of weeks. This leads me to how I’m overwhelmed today:  I’m overwhelmed by the love and outpouring of friendship of my church family and this community. Tonight, one of the Sunday school classes at Black Jack had a pancake supper for my husband’s family. Before we even got to the parking lot I couldn’t believe the number of cars.. then the number of people inside.. then the droves that just kept coming!  We are truly blessed to have this church family and the support of our local community.

As usual, here are a few pics to wind up the blog and a couple of videos as well. Sorry you’ll have to turn your head sideways for the one video, but I couldn’t record it with the camera headed the other direction or I’d cut off their heads or make everyone sick like The Blair Witch Project.  Love you all, thanks for checking the blog!! (Sorry you’ll have to turn your head sideways to see the last video, but it’s worth it!)

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