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stubborn little cus!

so, does she listen to mommy’s pleas to slow down??? OF COURSE NOT!!! Tonight she took steps between me and Robbie while we held her fingers. What?!?  

Watching Em grow and change so fast has made me wonder about how God sees us. As we grow and learn new things, are there times God would want to hold us back? I look at her trying to pull up on the ottoman and find myself moving all her toys out of the way in case she falls backwards and such. Does he do that for us? Doesn’t that make a bump in the road for others or even us sometimes? I guess that’s why he says “wait” sometimes. I think we tend to relate to this meaning of waiting: “to remain inactive as until something unexpected happens.” What if waiting doesn’t mean to be “inactive”? I think many times God means for us to wait in terms of this meaning: “to be available or in readiness”.

Sure, waiting stops me from ramming my head into the wall over and over in my stubborn nature, but it also doesn’t mean to turn and run the other direction. How do I stay “available” or “ready”? By keeping my line of communication open! I can’t be ready for the call to do what God would have me to do if my phone battery is dead. I’ve got to stay alive in my walk through the Word, through active prayer, through fellowship. The next time I feel like God is telling me to “wait”, I’m gonna have to pray for a little more clarification. :)

Oh well, enough rambling… here’s some video footage of Em these days!

playing with Minnie Mouse

stinker playing silly

play time before bath time


Please, oh please,

won’t you please slow down, Miss Em! You’re growing way too fast for mommy this week. You could just about make my cry. This week, you’ve changed to at least 2 sippy cups per day, started to actually eat your puff cereal instead of just throwing them everywhere, crawling forwards instead of backwards and today, YOU CUT A TOOTH!  What’s next? Are you gonna crawl out to the truck and drive off to college???? You’re really wearing mommy and daddy out. But, we love you!

Here’s a picture of the booger last Sunday before church, wearing the dress I had made for her first Easter dress (that turned out to be WAY too big at the time).


and Happy New Year!

I’ve been debating what to post for our New Year post this year and I’ve found it pretty difficult. I wanted to write about change, resolutions, a multitude of things. Instead, I’m writing about Jehovah. At church this morning we were singing the song, “Days of Elijah” and the line repeats, over and over, “There’s no God like Jehovah” and that part of the song is always where my mind wanders. Not to bad things, but to more focused things, like the names of God. When I was younger, a young man in my church converted to become a Jehovah’s witness. At a Wednesday night Bible study, it’s all he could talk about, that Jehovah was the ONLY name of God. It is true that Jehovah is a name of God, but not the only name given of God in the Bible. I’m personally partial to “I AM.” But, today, I do want to mention some of these Jehovah “compound names” seen in the old Testament. This is just a sampling: Jehovah – Jireh: The Lord Who Provides (Gen 22), Jehovah – Rapha: The Lord Who Heals (Exodus 15:22-26), Jehovah –Nissi: The Lord Our Banner (Exodus 17:8-15).

When my mind wandered this morning, it was to, “There’s no god like Jehovah, There’s no god like Jehovah–my Healer, There’s no god like Jehovah–my Provider, There’s no God like Jehovah–my Victor!” and each line just filled my heart with so much more joy. In the last week, I’ve rejoiced in the holidays with my family over their health and being together. I’ve felt some heartache as I left my mountain home to come back to my east coast home. I’ve been excited for 2 friends who have gotten engaged and for the new life being born in my family. And I’ve wept for a new dear friend who lost her son in a tragic accident the day after Christmas. My prayers for 2011 include that everyone in my circle and family would know there’s no god like Jehovah. There is none like Him. Behold He comes!


Why There Will Be No Stokes Family Christmas Cards in 2010

I could write you a list of excuses about long nights at work, busy evenings with Robbie and the baby getting dinners ready and slaving to take care of everyone, but in this case, those are not the reasons.

The reason we have no Stokes Family Christmas cards in 2010 is IN-COOPERATION! And not from Robbie this time!! Different times now I have had Emily dressed in Christmas attire, sitting in front of the tree, and every single time she either 1. makes really strange faces, 2. won’t be still, 3. turns around and pulls ornaments off the tree or 4. grabs the branches and shakes (while making funny faces)!

Here are some examples of what we tried to get this holiday season for you. There are also some pics of her helping me make cookies. Hope they brighten your week as you get ready for Christmas!!!


Jingle all the Way! (Challenge #3)

For my 3rd challenge, I completed a real CHALLENGE! I decided to head to Raleigh for the Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run/Walk. It was a 5k event… my first feat attempting to walk so far. I had a partner in crime, too, my friend Erin! Here’s a pic of us before we got going:
Here’s what I learned from this event: 1. Raleigh has hills 2. When you reach your breaking point, just remind yourself it you can get through labor with no epidural, you can do this 3. If you wear jingle bells on your shoes, consider using safety pins or thick twine b/c small ties just get cut by the bells. 4. If you fall flat on your face in the middle of Hillsborough street you can resist the urge just to hobble back to your car instead of the finish line or you can push on through and finish with glory. Praise God, I finished!! Woo hoo!! It wasn’t pretty. I was super sweaty, legs were jello and my face was red as a beat (either from sweating or being so dang cold) but I was done and that’s what mattered.

Here’s some of the fun from my house this week:

Hope you’re having a great week!


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