Has anyone seen a moral compass laying around?

Kinda hard to know where North is when your north is not the same as your neighbor’s, isn’t it?   Welcome to the world we live in.  One reason I stopped blogging a while back was due to the business of life. Another was my frustration with life itself.  I didn’t want to get too cynical or opinionated.  But I’m sorry. This world needs a compass and I’m not going to stand by anymore while everyone wanders aimlessly seeking their own North…. their own solutions, their own god, their own ethics.  

Here are the top news stories in the Greenville area today (with a brief synopsis): 

NEW INFO: Thieves Target Murder Victim’s House Just Days After Her Death

POLICE: Woman Fakes Handicap To Steal Elderly Woman’s Credit Card

FIRST ON WITN: Teen Rape Suspect Surrenders In Greenville

Three Charged After Drugs Found At ECU Fraternity House

DEPUTIES: Woman Posed As School Employee To Buy Computers

Two Former ECU Employees Charged With Embezzlement

For real… It’s bad enough there was a murder-suicide.  Who says it’s ok to go into the victim’s home (the NEXT DAY) and essentially loot her home?  How does someone see it as ok to 1.pretend to have a disability and use the accessible wheelchair or 2. ask an old lady to get you something off a shelf and then steal her credit card out of her purse?  Why, why, why am I continuously bombarded with stories of men raping CHILDREN?  Eight, ten, fifteen… all children!  Who are the men?  Substitute teachers, bus drivers, coaches, family friends, very few strangers.  People are looking for something to fill a void in their lives so badly they are using people, drugs, anything they can get their hands on.  The woman who is accused of fraudulently buying computers with state money (stealing funds from our children’s schools) is 57 yrs old. In her photo, she is SMILING.   Then we have the two ECU pharmacy employees who stole FROM A LOW INCOME MEDICAL CLINIC!   They stole money from people trying to help the unemployed, poor or uninsured.  One of these people stole $62,000!  

Welcome to America. 

America. Where everyone with a home has a television and most likely a cell phone, even if they have never worked for a dime. Worried about what fast food meal we’ll eat for our next meal. We donate money to protect and support animals while children in this country and others go hungry and are homeless, sometimes TRADED like commodities for drugs or sex. We have debates over what is humane yet many people don’t know where the basis of their personal philosophies originates.  We are more so stepping on someone else’s toes that we end up remaining so tolerant we let things slip by that we know are not right… 

I am not a prophet. I can not tell you when the day or hour of Christ’s return will be and suggest we synchronize our watches. Instead, I have the following proposition(s):

1. If you are unsure which side of this debate you sit on, please contemplate your life and attempt to find your compass. You may need to ask a friend of family member, “What drives me?” Think about where you go for answers to life’s questions, for drawing the line between what is right and what is wrong.  

2. If you do not have a True North and are keen enough to realize it, EMAIL ME or call me. I will GLADLY talk to you about my own personal North, Jesus Christ. (Note I didn’t say “God” but the path to God that I believe without doubt is the way, the truth and the life).  If you don’t know me personally or can’t find me, then talk to a Christian that you know or go by a local church and talk to a pastor.  You can also pick up a Bible and ask God to show you what you need to know (pray). 

3. If you claim to be a Follower of Christ (a Christian), be righteous. I hope to have a future post about just that thing in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled.  In addition to being righteous, go to your pastor, Sunday school teacher, someone and ask for a Bible study about “apologetics” and/or foundations. Find out why you believe what you believe, the basis of your faith, so you can help others find North. 

Sorry for my soapbox, but it’s getting ridiculous. 

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