a season on thankfulness

Of course I love my FB account. I check it at least every day, in the evening, while I’m watching TV.  This month, it’s been interesting to see people posting all the things they are thankful for each day. Some people made a specific post each day (ie, “Day #4: ….. “, etc.) Others just put up something they were grateful for each day (like myself). Truth is, I am super thankful this year. Not only is Thanksgiving a wonderful time of family celebrations of thanks for the whole year, but this year, it is also a celebration of my wedding anniversary, coming on the heels of the birth of our second child!   I’m thankful for our family, our extended family, our church family, our friends and everyone who has prayed for us this year.  Lord knows we still need and covet your prayers daily!

So, here we are, 4 years and 2 kids later… who knew how blessed we could be?!?   It all just feels surreal.  Enjoy pictures of our growing family!

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