Only in Ashe…

I’m back!!! :)  Sorry for the long absence and no guarantees we won’t have more in the future.  My family has been through a LOT since I last wrote.  We married off my sister-in-law, said our goodbyes to Robbie’s Daddy and, most recently, said our goodbyes to my sweet grandfather.  No, I have not gone off my rocker and quit my job and moved back home to Ashe Co., NC.  However, that notion does not seem as crazy as it once did.  

When Poppie died, it was Christmas eve.  Poppie. My daddy’s dad and last grandparent who loved people and cars.  It was a mixed bag of emotions.  The shell of a man I visited in the rehab center days before his death was not the same vibrant, compassionate, brilliantly witty man I grew up with.  And then he died on Christmas eve, one of my Granny Pauline’s favorite times of year. (Granny was my mama’s mama.)  In the days following his death, I spent a good deal of time (a good deal alone) at his family home. A beautiful, majestic home situated on a hill with a beautiful mountain view.   As I drove between mom’s and there (about 10 mins) each time, I could not help but be in awe of God’s majesty on display for splendor.  

Life in this mountain town is different than anywhere else I have ever lived.  Yes, people are people. Yes, jobs are jobs (if you are lucky enough to have one there as the factories continue to close one by one).  But the speed of life is different.  It takes “a while” to get any where. The grocery store, McDonald’s, a decent gas station may take you 15-40 mins to get to (depending how deep you live in the hills).  That alone allows for “thinking time” in the car. Cell signals are hit or miss so I don’t even turn my phone on unless I am headed to town. People really want to know how you are.  It doesn’t matter that the visit may mean they are late for something. They take/make the time to visit.  They remember you.  The question is, when you leave, will you remember them? 

I certainly will. This place “made” me. It helped form me into the person I am today.  So I am starting this installment of my blogs which will be placed in the category “Only in Ashe…” to post musings after my monthly visits.    I hope you can develop a love of this place as I have!

This photo is courtesy of my cousin, Renee Ashley.  It is a photo of her standing on Mt. Jefferson looking over the town of Jefferson, NC.   The hospital is mid-photo on the right. The nursing home I worked at during college just above it on the hill. The clinic I work in now just beside the hospital.  So many of my roots… 

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  1. By Heather, January 12, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    You know I love you and where you are from. Ashe Co. and the people that live there are like no other that I have ever known! I can’t wait to hear more of your musings!

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